Football on a baseball diamond

It was as strange as one might think; the Purdue Boilermakers traveled to Chicago on Saturday to take on the Northwestern Wildcats on Wrigley Field. Looking back, I regret not running up to the upper concourse the get some overalls of the stadium but after missing two big plays in the first quarter (a big reception from Jackson Anthrop due to an EMS worker walking past then stopping right in front of me and the other because I was too busy trying to change positions and got stuck behind a tv camera while changing positions as Purdue scored their first touchdown) I made the choice to stick on the field. The biggest obstacle yesterday was the limited space on the sidelines. While we had the entire west sideline to photograph from as the teams were sharing the east sideline, both end zones had a small section (about a third the length) we were able to photograph from due to the field being gemmed on the baseball field. See some of the images below or catch the full galleries online; pregame features and game gallery.

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